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1 ft = 0.3048 m

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To convert a measurement in feet to a measurement in meters, multiply the length by the following conversion ratio: 0.3048 meters/foot.

Since one foot is equal to 0.3048 meters, you can use this simple formula to convert:

meters = feet × 0.3048

The length in meters is equal to the length in feet multiplied by 0.3048.

For example, here's how to convert 5 feet to meters using the formula above.

meters = (5' × 0.3048) = 1.524 m

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How Many Meters Are in a Foot?

There are 0.3048 meters in a foot, which is why we use this value in the formula above.

1' = 0.3048 m

Quick Tip:

To quickly convert feet to meters in your head, without a calculator, you can divide the measurement in feet by 3 to get a rough approximation.For instance, to approximately convert 12 feet to meters in your head, divide it by 3, which is roughly 4 meters (12 ÷ 3 ≈ 4).

Note that this is not a precise method, but rather a quick shortcut for a rough conversion on the fly when you don't have a calculator handy.

How to Convert Feet and Inches to Meters

Instead of decimal form, feet are often expressed with the decimal portion in inches.To convert feet and inches to meters, you'll need to convert to feet in decimal form first.

To do this, convert the inches portion to feet by dividing it by 12.The result should be a decimal smaller than 1.

Then, add that to the feet portion to get the result in feet in decimal form.

Finally, convert feet to meters using the method shown above.

For example, let's find the height of a person that is 5' 9" tall in meters.

Start by converting the inches portion to decimal feet by dividing 9" by 12.9" divided by 12 is 0.75 feet.

9 in ÷ 12 = 0.75 ft

Then, add that to the number of whole feet, which is 5.75 ft.

5 + 0.75 = 5.75

Finally, use the feet to meters formula above to complete the conversion.

5.75 × 0.3048 = 1.7526 m

Thus, the height of a person that is 5' 9" tall in meters is 1.7526 m.You can also use our height converter for this.

Feet and meters are both units used to measure length. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Is a Foot?

The foot is a unit of length measurement equal to 12 inches or 1/3 of a yard.Because the international yard is legally defined to be equal to exactly 0.9144 meters, one foot is equal to 0.3048 meters.[1]

The foot is a US customary and imperial unit of length. Feet can be abbreviated as ft; for example, 1 foot can be written as 1 ft.

Feet can also be denoted using the symbol, otherwise known as a prime, though a single-quote (') is often used instead of the prime symbol for convenience.Using the prime symbol, 1 ft can be written as 1′.

Measurements in feet are most commonly taken using either a standard 12" ruler or a tape measure, though there are many other measuring devices available.Feet are sometimes referred to as linear feet, which are simply a measurement of length in feet.

You might be interested in our feet and inches calculator, which can add feet with other units of measurement such as inches, centimeters, or meters.

Learn more about feet.

What Is a Meter?

According to the most recent 2019 definition, the meter is defined as the distance traveled by light in vacuum during a time interval with a duration of 1/299,792,458 of a second.[2] One meter is equal to 100 centimeters, 3.28084 feet, or 39.37 inches.

The meter, or metre, is the SI base unit for length in the metric system. Meters can be abbreviated as m; for example, 1 meter can be written as 1 m.

Learn more about meters.

We recommend using a ruler or tape measure for measuring length, which can be found at a local retailer or home center.Rulers are available in imperial, metric, or a combination of both values, so make sure you get the correct type for your needs.

Need a ruler? Try our free downloadable and printable rulers, which include both imperial and metric measurements.

Foot to Meter Conversion Table

Table showing various foot measurements converted to meters.
Feet Meters
1'0.3048 m
2'0.6096 m
3'0.9144 m
4'1.2192 m
5'1.524 m
6'1.8288 m
7'2.1336 m
8'2.4384 m
9'2.7432 m
10'3.048 m
11'3.3528 m
12'3.6576 m
13'3.9624 m
14'4.2672 m
15'4.572 m
16'4.8768 m
17'5.1816 m
18'5.4864 m
19'5.7912 m
20'6.096 m
21'6.4008 m
22'6.7056 m
23'7.0104 m
24'7.3152 m
25'7.62 m
26'7.9248 m
27'8.2296 m
28'8.5344 m
29'8.8392 m
30'9.144 m
31'9.4488 m
32'9.7536 m
33'10.06 m
34'10.36 m
35'10.67 m
36'10.97 m
37'11.28 m
38'11.58 m
39'11.89 m
40'12.19 m


  1. National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Survey Foot: Revised Unit Conversion Factors, https://www.nist.gov/pml/us-surveyfoot/revised-unit-conversion-factors
  2. International Bureau of Weights and Measures, The International System of Units, 9th Edition, 2019, https://www.bipm.org/documents/20126/41483022/SI-Brochure-9-EN.pdf

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Feet to Meters Conversion (ft to m) - Inch Calculator (2024)


What is the formula for converting feet to meters? ›

One foot is equal to 0.3048 meters, making the meter a larger unit. To convert feet to meters, you multiply the length in feet by the conversion factor 0.3048.

What is the conversion for m to Ft for every 1m ______ ft? ›

One meter is approximately equal to 3.28084 feet. To convert meters to feet, multiply the given meter value by 3.28084 feet. For example, 5 meters to feet is converted as follows: We know that, to convert 5 meters to feet, multiply 5 by 3.28084.

How many meters is 6 ft to inches? ›

1 inch is equal to 25.4mm therefore 6ft is 72 inches x 25.4mm or1830 mm or 1.83metres.

How do you convert inches into meters? ›

Inches to Meter Conversion Table. How do I convert inches to meters? To convert inches to meters, you can use the reciprocal of the conversion factor: 1 inch equals approximately 0.0254 meters. Simply multiply the length in inches by 0.0254 to obtain the equivalent length in meters.

How to calculate meter formula? ›

The formula for measuring different units in the meter are listed below:
  1. Meter = l × b × h = cubic meters.
  2. Centimetre = l × b × h ÷ 10,00,000 = cubic meters.
  3. Millimetre = l × b × h ÷ 1,00,00,00,000 = cubic meters.
  4. Inches = l × b × h ÷ 61,023.8 = cubic meters.
  5. Feet = l × b × h ÷ 35.315 = cubic meters.

What is the rule for converting feet to inches? ›

So, to convert a measurement in feet to inches, all you need to do is multiply the number by 12. This is an exact number, so if you're working with significant figures, it won't limit them.

How do you calculate feet and inches on a calculator? ›

One foot is expressed as 100. Twelve inches is expressed as 12. Add the conversion factor of 88 to 12 to express that dimension as one foot (88 + 12 = 100).

What is the code to convert meters to feet? ›

Convert from Meters to other Measurements
Convert from Meters to Feetft=m*3.2808Try it
Convert from Meters to Inchesin=m*39.370Try it
Convert from Meters to cmcm=m/0.01Try it
Convert from Meters to Yardsyd=m*1.0936Try it
2 more rows

What is the conversion rate from meters to inches? ›

How many Inches in Meter? 1 Meter = 39.3701 Inches.

What is the area conversion ft to meter? ›

One square foot is equal to 0.09290304 square meters. Hence, to convert the area from square foot (sq. ft) to square meters (sq. m), multiply the number of square foot by 0.09290304.

How do you convert 5 feet 6 inches to inches? ›

So, the original 5 feet is equal to 60 inches, and you need to add on 6 more inches, since you started out with 5 feet 6 inches. 60 plus 6 equals 66. Therefore, 5 feet 6 inches converted to all inches equals 66 inches.

How to calculate feet to meter? ›

To convert feet to meters, you must multiply the unit by 0.304. So, for example, if you want to convert 5 feet to meters, you need to multiply 5 with 0.304.

How many inches is 10 meters in feet? ›

There are 39.37 inches in a metre. Multiplying by ten that gives us 393.7 inches. As you know, there are twelve inches to the foot. So dividing 393.7 by 12 gives us 32.8 feet.

What is the formula for meters to feet? ›

Since one meter = 3.28 feet, you can convert any meter measurement into feet by multiplying it by 3.28.

What is 5 foot 2 in meters? ›

We're required to determine the height in meters and in centimeters given the height in 5 f e e t 2 i n c h e s ( 5 f t 2 i n ) . Therefore, given the height of 5 f e e t 2 i n c h e s , its equivalent height in meters and centimeters are 1.5748 m e t e r s and 1.5748 c e n t i m e t e r s respectively.

What is the formula in Excel to convert feet to meters? ›

=CONVERT(A1,”ft”,”m”) will tell you how metres there are in 5 feet (or to put it another way, it converts 5 feet to metres).

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