Circle K Easy Pay FAQ (2024)

Q: What are the benefits of Easy Pay?
A: Easy Pay Card: ACH system – Card is linked to your checking account. (Just like a direct deposit). No bank holds!

Security – Safer than using a credit card or writing a check since there is no personal information on the card.

If card is lost or stolen, it is PIN protected. If someone enters the wrong PIN three times, the card is locked and cannot be used. Cardholder will have to contact Customer Service to unlock - PIN.

Cards cannot be used without a PIN and have limits to protect you.

Cardholder receives an email after every purchase confirming they made that purchase.

Cardholder can have up to 3 Easy Pay Cards attached to the same checking account: good for families, kids in college, etc. Just add the other card numbers when you register or go back into the website and add later.

Q: When registering, why do I need a driver’s license?

A: It is important to recognize that you are issuing an electronic check when the EasyPay card is used for payment. This is the same as writing a check at thesupermarket and being asked to show your driver license as an ID. The driver’slicense is used only to verify your identity.

Q: What if I don’t have a driver’s license or it is no longer valid or I only have a State ID?

A: Cardholder must have a valid driver’s license to enroll in Easy Pay. A valid state IDis acceptable as well.

Q: Why is an email address required?

A: Email is used to communicate all card transactions, discounts and your account status.

Q: What if I am hesitant to give my checking account information online?

A: The information needed for Easy Pay signup is the same information given out whenyou write a check and hand it for payment at checkout. With Easy Pay it’s moresecure and PIN protected.

Q: What if I don’t have a checking account?

A: You can use a NetSpend card, which available in Circle K stores. No credit checks.No minimum balance. Just select NetSpend on the drop-down menu when youenroll.

Q: What happens if I don’t have sufficient funds in my checking account?

A: There are returned transaction fees that will be applied to your account and iftransactions are not collected through normal electronic means, your account couldbe flagged and placed into collections.

Q: Is there a hold on my checking account?

A: There are no holds on your checking account with the Easy Pay card.

Q: Do we check your credit score when you enroll?

A: We do NOT check credit scores.

Q: Will you sell or share my personal information?

A: The security of your data is very important to Circle K. We do not sell or disclose any information to a third party. The data you provide is only required to verify youridentity.

Q: Is my Easy Pay USER ID the same as my current Checking Account PIN number?

A: No. The USER ID (PIN) that you select can be any 4-digit number and does notneed to be the same as your current PIN you use with your ATM or Web ID to yourbank account. It is important to remember your PIN to use this method of payment.

Q: What if I forget my PIN?

A: Log into your account online and request a pin change or call Customer Service at 1-855-276-6088.

Q: Where can the Easy Pay card be used?

A: Only at participating Circle K locations. Use it to pay for fuel and receive adiscounted price rollback every day on every fuel purchase.

Q: How is Easy Pay used for payment?

A: Your checking account or NetSpend card is linked to your Easy Pay card when youenroll. You must complete the enrollment process to activate your card before it canbe used.

Q: My Easy Pay card will not work?

A: Did you wait for the Payment Card Verification Complete email? Call number onthe back of the card for more information.

Q: What if I did not receive any emails?

A: Call 1-855-276-6088 to make sure the correct email address was used whenregistering.

Q: What if I lose my Easy Pay card?

A: Pick up a new Easy Pay card at a participating Circle K. Then call 1-855-276-6088.Customer Service will link your account to the new card.

Q: What do I do if my Easy Pay card mag stripe is worn out?

A: Pick up a new Easy Pay card at a participating Circle K. Then call 1-855-276-6088to link your new card to your account.

Q: How quickly will my Easy Pay card be ready to use?

A: Most Cardholders are approved instantly. Others may need to provide another formof ID, or to validate an account, a small transaction may need to be completed. Ifthis is necessary, you will receive an email with further instructions.

Q: I saw a small deposit and a small withdrawal of a few cents in my checking account. What is this?

A: With Easy Pay, your enrolled bank account information must be validated to ensurethe account number is correct. This validation is completed by submitting a smalldeposit and a matching withdrawal to your bank account. You will need to know both values to successfully complete the account validation process. The enrolledEasy Pay card is not activated until this deposit verification process is completed. You will receive emails from Circle K Easy Pay to help you complete the activation process, if required.

Circle K Easy Pay FAQ (2024)


How do I reset my EasyPay PIN? ›

If you have forgotten or blocked the PIN for your EasyPay Everywhere card you would need to reset it at your nearest EasyPay Everywhere branch or you can use an EasyPay ATM.

Does Circle K Easy pay run your credit? ›

A: We do NOT check credit scores. Q: Will you sell or share my personal information? A: The security of your data is very important to Circle K. We do not sell or disclose any information to a third party.

How to check easy pay balance online? ›

It's a swift and straightforward way to stay updated on your funds. Visit the EasyPay Online Banking portal at Log in to your account to check your balance and manage your card details from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.

What can I do if I forget my PIN number? ›

Call the phone number printed on the back of your card to retrieve your PIN number or reset it. If you prefer to recover your PIN in person, visit your nearest bank for help. Alternatively, log into your account on your bank's website and follow the online instructions to recover your PIN.

How do I reset my card PIN? ›

You can always seek help from the bank for an ATM card PIN change if you want to reset your PIN, in case you forget it or accidentally block your ATM card through wrong attempts. Banks ask you to fill up forms requesting PIN generation or PIN change and submit them to start the due process for ATM card PIN change.

Is it easy to get approved for easy pay? ›

To qualify, individuals must earn at least $750 per month and have a checking account that is in good standing and has been active (open) for at least 90 days.

Is there a monthly fee for Circle K easy pay? ›

There are no enrollment fees and we do not charge a per transaction fee to the consumer for the use of Your payment card account (and/or mobile application).

Does easy pay affect credit score? ›

If we obtain a consumer report about you, it will be a "soft inquiry" that should not affect your credit score. If you have any account or order questions, please contact our Customer Service Team at 888.345. 5788.

How do I borrow money from EasyPay? ›

I have an EasyPay Everywhere account, and I want to apply for a loan, how do I apply? If you have a registered contact number on your account, please dial the USSD string *120*3737*7# to apply for an EasyPay Loan. If not, alternatively you will have to go into an EasyPay Everywhere branch.

How does EasyPay work? ›

EasyPay >>> "a better way to pay" Simply fill in your EasyPay number, a payment reference and the amount you wish to pay. Click "Pay Now" to continue. Alternatively you can add accounts to your list of beneficiaries below and pay from that list instead.

How long does EasyPay take to reflect? ›

How Long Does It Take? NB. Deposits amounting to R5 000 or more may take up to 72 hours to reflect this is if we can contact the customer to get their supporting documentation.

How do I reset my PIN online? ›

STEP-1: Login to your bank's mobile app using your credentials. STEP-2: Go to the 'Debit Cards' section and choose the card whose PIN you want to reset. STEP-3: You might have to enter your card's CVV and the OTP that you receive on your registered mobile number.

How do I reset my access card PIN? ›

What if I forget my USSD PIN?
  1. Follow these easy steps to reset your PIN:
  2. Dial *901#
  3. Select 4 'Other Services'
  4. Select 5 'Reset PIN'
  5. Enter Date of Birth in the format shown (DDMMYYYY)
  6. Create New PIN and Submit OR.
  7. Dial *901*0#
  8. Enter Date of Birth in the format shown (DDMMYYYY)

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