39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (2024)

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Short on time? Our picks for the best gifts for walkers are the Fitbit and the Walking Gifts Set.

As much as I’ve always wanted to be a runner, I’m a walker at heart.

From walking the golf course loop by my house to back and forth across my college campus for years to all over the European cities — I’ve become a frequent walker, and I’ve found ways to make walking less boring.

Granted, I’ve always lived in relatively flat areas. While that might not make me the best candidate to give advice on the best gifts for a hillwalker or avid hiker — not to worry.

We have quite a few hikers here at The Atlas Heart, and we’re all on the same page about these gifts.

There is nothing better than a quick walk to get the blood flowing and fresh air in your lungs.

Whether your giftee is someone who enjoys an afternoon stroll or routine long-distance walks, here are the best gifts walkers will enjoy for a variety of distances.

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Table of Contents

Clothing Gifts For Walkers

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Waterproof Cap

Baseball caps are such a versatile accessory – they make great gift ideas for walkers.

A cap like this offers close to full coverage sun protection for your face.

Plus, this Langham cap is waterproof, another form of protection from the outside world, should your walker need it.

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Fingerless Gloves

When cold temperatures hit, I prefer fingerless gloves on my walks. This way, I can still use my phone screen to control the music or podcasts I listen to.

This pair of C9 Champion gloves allows their fingers to poke out but also has a flap to cover them up when needed.

Give your favorite walker the best of both worlds with a pair of gloves like these.

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Smartwool Socks

Smartwool products are made in the USA of responsibly sourced merino wool.

Merino wool is like an enigma. It regulates temperatures to keep feet cool or retain body heat, depending on the season. Plus, it manages moisture and odor.

I’m highlighting the standard ankle socks, but this selection is just the beginning — Smartwool offers all kinds of heights and levels of cushioning.

I bet if your giftee wears these for the first time on their next hike or walk, they’ll notice a big difference.

If you like going the extra mile, pair these socks with relaxing foot cream by Ancient Greek Remedy.

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Head Light

Anyone who enjoys very early morning or night walks outdoors could benefit from a headlight.

I’ve highlighted this Avlxt pair because of their modern, sleek design.

These LED rechargeable headlights make an inexpensive gift for walkers, coming in at under $25 for a pack of two!

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Weather Resistant Jacket

I always check the forecast before I leave for my walks, but sometimes it changes.

Help your giftee stay prepared for rain or shine with a gift like this BALEAF lightweight and waterproof jacket.




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I grew up walking the golf course trail by my house with my mom, and her signature walking outfit piece was always a vest.

Whether it was used as a transition piece between the fall months or as an extra layer in the winter– she always wore one.

Vests like these from BALEAF are great options as gifts for walkers. They’re made from polyester and feature pockets and a windproof stand collar.

Hiking Shirt

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Help your friend stay cool and feel cool with a breathable athletic shirt. I have a few like these, and they’re my go-to choice for my power walks.

BALEAF makes both women’s and men’s options, in both long and short sleeves. They’re comfortable, moisture-wicking, and have UPF 50+ protection from the sun.

Want more hiking shirt recommendations? Check out our top picks!

Hiking Pants

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As you may have noticed by now, BALEAF is an activewear brand well-known on Amazon. They offer quality athletic pieces that don’t break the bank.

I love that both these men’s and women’s hiking pants are stylish and practical. They feature UV protection and quick dry fabric.

Gifting a pair of hiking pants would be great individually, but I think they’d pair well with a hiking shirt as well.

Hydration Vest

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They might get away without water on a short walk…but they’ll need to hydrate when long-distance walking or hiking.

That’s where a Sunriser Run Hydration vest from The North Face comes in.

The routing hose is a handy feature that allows you to drink from a soft flask in the jacket pocket. This system is much better than carrying a bulky water bottle.

Lightweight, waterproof material creates side compression. It feels like a custom fit, making it great for running or walking gifts.


Shoes to Gift Walkers

Hoka Bondi 8

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The Hoka Bondi 8 is one of the top walking shoes on the market.

They’ve earned their reputation with a comfortable and supportive footbed. People have no trouble wearing Hokas for hours on end.

We’re fans of Hoka shoes over here at The Atlas Heart. You can read our breakdown of the Best Hoka Walking Shoes and the Best Hoka Running Shoes.

Hunting for the best pair of walking shoes? You might also like our full reviews of Allbirds Dashers and Allbirds Tree Runners vs. Wool Runners.

Hiking Boots or Shoes

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Whether your giftee is a casual hiker or an avid hiker, they’re going to need a good pair of hiking boots.

Since some hikes are more like long-distance walks, you may want to gift a less clunky hiking shoe. Especially if you’re looking for the best gifts for walkers who are becoming beginner hikers.

Have you heard of barefoot hiking boots? Read our article on the best barefoot hiking boots, benefits of transitioning, and how to make the switch to barefoot.


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As I mentioned, I grew up in the Chicagoland area — meaning many of my walks took place during the colder weather.

Whenever I got home from one of these cold weather walks, the first thing I’d do after kicking off my shoes was run to my slippers.

These CIOR slippers are unisex, simple, and come in a large variety of colors.

Tech Gifts for Walkers


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When it comes to Bluetooth earbuds, I use AirPods for my daily walks (and really any of my daily activities).

I like this style because I can still hear my surroundings when I’m walking around the city.

I agree that AirPods are on the high side of price points, and there may be some budget-friendly alternatives. I’ve even tried a pair…but let me just say the quality of Airpods remains unmatched in my opinion.

Noise Canceling Headphones

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AirPods may not be for everyone. These Soundcore Anker noise-canceling headphones are a more traditionally comfortable option for walkers.

These will completely block out any noise — so your walker will get an immersive experience. (Just remind them to heighten their other senses!)


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In my opinion, one of the most rewarding things about long walks is tracking steps. It’s like a personal daily game.

The Fitbit watch became popular for this feature, but it’s also known for other features like monitoring your heart rate, sleep tracking or simply acting as a water and sweat-proof watch.

Curious about smart watches? Learn about our favorite Garmin watches for women.

Hand Warmers

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This two-pack of OCOOPA hand warmers helps you walk through cooler temperatures.

I love that these are rechargeable and have multiple different heat settings.

Keeping your hands warm is something that may seem insignificant but will make a larger difference than you realize on long walks.

Portable Charger

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If you’re walking solo, it’s important to stay connected in whatever ways you can. A phone’s battery life only lasts so long. It’s always helpful to have a backup source, just in case.

Portable chargers are an ideal gift for someone who enjoys day hikes — where they may be away from a place to charge their phone for hours at a time.

Best Accessories for Walking

Hiking Journal

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A Hiking Journal is one of the best gifts for walkers who like to track what they do.

This travel-sized journal is filled with pages where hikers can log details about their journey — like distance, duration, weather, and more.

Water Filtering Bottle

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When it comes to the best gift for long-distance walkers, water is a must-have.

I’m a Brita fan through and through, so naturally, I’m a fan of their filtering water bottle.

This water bottle allows your loved one to filter as they go. They can feel confident collecting water from a stream or a dodgy-looking water fountain.

Personalized Hiking Boot Bag

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A Personalized hiking boot bag is a thoughtful gift because you’re taking the time to customize the item for your giftee.

They’ll appreciate having a designated spot for their hiking shoes. No one wants muddy boots kicking around their car.

Foam Roller Gift Set

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While sore muscles are generally associated with intense exercises, avid walker have to take care of their muscles as well.

Depending on how you use it, a foam roller can work wonders. Pieces from this ELVIRE gift set will help anyone reach upper body muscle tissue and increase blood flow overall.

Trekking Poles

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Trekking poles (also known as walking poles or walking sticks) are common among people who want to conquer any terrain with ease.

You may think people only use trekking poles in the great outdoors, but I’m here to tell you I saw an elderly couple with them in the city center of Florence, Italy just last week.

That being said, using a trekking pole helps anyone of any age!


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Admittedly, I learned what a buff was from watching Survivor.

As I saw on the show, buffs can be useful and worn in a whole variety of ways.

Some examples include wearing it as a mask to protect from the wind or a way to pull hair back and keep it out of your face. Some people wear it wrapped on their wrist as a sweatband.

Your giftee will find their own personal use for this during their walk!

Fold Out Backpack

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Practical gifts can still be fun gifts, and I think this fold-out backpack is just that.

A fold-out backpack is the best gift for anyone who never knows where the day or their walk will take them.

This 4Monster Hiking Daypack is water-resistant and lightweight. The best part is how it folds up into a tiny bag.

Boot Scrubber

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I get it — a practical gift like this boot scrubber may not be the first gift for a walker to cross your mind. But, depending on where your giftee goes for walks, this tool could become their new best friend.

It’s really easy for boots to get dirty along hiking trails. This Bickmore Boot Scrubber is a quick and easy way to get dirt and debris off their shoes.

They’ll have less dirt to deal with, whether they keep it outside their front door, or in their car for post-trek cleaning.

World’s Best Hiker Candle

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (27)

I’m always one to recommend a candle as a gift. When I saw this, I thought it was a great gift for a women who walks.

This candle from Etsy is made from a natural soy wax blend. You get to choose from a variety of scents with choices like sea salt + orchid and white sage + lavender.

Half Mile or So Sweatshirt

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (28)

There are two kinds of people: the people who ask how much longer and the people who respond, “Just a half ____ (mile, hour, century) or so!”.

If your giftee is the latter, this sweatshirt from Etsy is the perfect gift for them.

Personalized Cartoon Portrait

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (29)

If you’re looking for the best gifts for walkers who would appreciate something light-hearted and funny, consider this personalized cartoon from Etsy.

Walking Gift Set

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (30)

The best gifts for walkers under $50 include this gift set from Etsy. It features a mug, magnet, socks, and a frame. Each item has a quote related to walking.

I love it when a gift comes all set up like this — it’s ready to give right away. I also love the variety of items included and, of course, the quotes used.

Personalized Metal Shoe Tags

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (31)

I flipped when I saw this gift for walkers.

These stainless steel shoe tags can be customized with any text. You could customize them with your giftee’s name or a cute saying.

The Etsy listing shows “Keep Going Mom.” This item comes with a gift box, so it’s really a one-stop-shop gift.

Portable Dog Bowl

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (32)

Dog walkers deserve their own subgenre of gift ideas for walkers.

Portable drinking bowls are great gifts for walkers who often have a furry friend alongside them.

This Petzzzing 3 in 1 Dog Water Bottle holds water, snacks, and waste bags for your dog. There’s even a built-in filtration system!

I feel like this isn’t something I see every day at the dog park. It makes a unique gift for walkers who want to make sure their dog is well taken care of.

Bala Bangles

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My sister gave these to my mom for Christmas the other year, and she never leaves for her walks without them.

You can choose from a 1lb or 2 lb set of these Bala Bangles — the best gifts for walkers who want a little extra challenge!

Pocket First Aid Kit

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (34)

No one wants to be in a situation where you’ll need a first aid kit, but it’s actually quite handy to have one.

If nothing else, band-aids for blisters can be game-changers for comfort.

Portable Picnic Blanket

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (35)

I think a portable picnic blanket is the perfect gift for avid walkers with a destination in mind.

I love bringing my portable picnic blanket with me when I walk through parks, incase I want to stop and enjoy the view at any point.

Unisex Belt Bag

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (36)

The best gifts for walkers are those that keep them hands-free. This unisex belt bag has just the right amount of space for essentials while still staying out of your way.

Just a Long Walk

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (37)

The book, Just a Long Walk: Healing & Discovery on the John Muir Trail is the story of James Gibson.

If your walker is on a journey of their own, they may relate or have something to learn from this book.

It follows a man named James Gibson, who goes on a walking odyssey of sorts.

Check it out to learn more!

100 Hikes of a Lifetime

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (38)

This title speaks for itself!

Coffee table books are always a great gift. This book by National Geographic is filled with lists of photographs from the most amazing hikes throughout the world.

Audible or Spotify Membership

39 BEST Gifts For Walkers [2024 Gift Guide] (39)

The number one source of entertainment on my walks are Spotify and Audible.

You’ll always find me with either of these apps on while I’m walking — whether I’m listening to music, an audiobook, or practicing another language.

You can give someone the gift of an Audible credit, or a Spotify ad-free month!

Walking Buddy

Sometimes, the best gifts for walkers are fellow walkers!

Even those who enjoy walking alone the majority of the time will appreciate a switch-up by having company. Set up a time for you and your giftee to have a walk together.

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Monroe Dziersk

Monroe Dziersk is a gift giver by nature and an expert at finding gifts to show the people in your life you care. She comes from a family of designers, adding a unique flair to her gift-giving method.

Monroe was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. After discovering a world outside of Midwest winters, she was quickly drawn to the southeastern coast of the United States. While attending Elon University, she studied abroad in Florence, Italy. A switch was flipped, and she quickly fell in love with European culture and lifestyle. You can often find her accompanied by a good book and her calico cat.

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